What are the BILD Calgary Region Awards?

Each year, the Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) Calgary Region Awards recognize land developers, builders, renovations and trades for their excellence in their industry. Each year nominees compete for 55 awards, spanning across 11 different categories. Award recipients are chosen for their vision, innovation and overall impact. These homes and communities become the gold standard for future developments in the Calgary region and beyond.

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How do Communities recieve Awards?

During the adjudication process, every aspect of the community is considered. Some of these include, entryway features, the future community plans for parks, reclamation sites, pathways and green space, to the architecture and variety of each home style. In addition to the community aesthetics, judges consider sustainability, accessibility and amenities when selecting the BILD Calgary finalists.

Along with recreational and sustainability features, amenities such as grocery stores and retail contribute to the livability of a community, making it a place to work, live and thrive.


Living in a BILD Award-Winning Community

Residents of BILD Award-wining communities can be confident in their investment. The builders and developers in these communities strive for excellence and consistently work to excel in the work they do.

At Brookfield, we pride ourselves on building the best places to call home. We create spaces that are rich in amenity while enhancing the best of what our communities have to offer.

Our communities provide a unique and connected experience that is fostered from the very beginning. Our Homeowners Associations (HOA) are the ambassadors of community spirit while also providing additional benefits in the form of facilities, programs and enhanced community maintenance.

Enjoy the pathways and leave the car parked while you walk or ride your bike on daily errands. Say hello as you pass by your neighbours, getting to know the people you live beside. Enjoy the parks, facilities or great outdoors on an adventurous Saturday, then curl up at home with a latte from a nearby café on a chilly Sunday. Your neighbourhood has something to offer for everyone in every season.


What does living in an award-winning community mean to you?

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