What is the history of Rockland Park?
Rockland Park was once a Rock Quarry/Gravel Pit. It had been in operations since 1920 – it closed its operations in January 2010 at which time Brookfield acquired the lands.
What are the key facts of the community?
It was envisioned to be a 464 acres total area with approximately 80 acres dedicated to environmental reserve. It will be home to approximately 9,000 residents living in 3,200 homes.
What are the unique elements of the community plan?
The shape of the lands and the way the community was planned was specifically to enhance and maximize views for residents and to create personal connections with nature. There is a commercial site (shops, services, and retail) as well as a future school site. There is a network of parks and surrounding pathways that will provide four seasons of activity. The community features a homeowners association that is highlighted with a community clubhouse/facility and four acre surrounding park.
What home types are available in Rockland Park?
Duplex Homes, Rear Garage Homes, Single Side Yard Front Garage Homes, Front Drive Garage Homes and Estate Homes
Will there be a Homeowners Association (HOA) in Rockland Park?
Yes - Rockland Park will have an incredible HOA featuring a community clubhouse/facility and four acre surrounding park featuring an outdoor pool and hot tub. It will provide exceptional programming and events that match the community’s core values of outdoor pursuits. Community enhanced park and open space maintenance
When will the commercial area in Rockland open?
This will be market dependent as the commercial site sits on the west end of the community - we anticipate this could take anywhere from 5 - 10 years.
How long will the build-out of Rockland Park be?
We estimate the community will be built out in 10 years.
Are there plans for a new school in Rockland Park?
Yes, the Calgary Board of Education is planning to build a new school in Rockland Park for grades K-9. The CBE is in charge of building the school. Timing will depend on Provincial Government approvals.
Because the community is located next to the Bow River, is flooding a concern?
The site is out of the flood fringe and sits on top of a plateau about 30 meters above the Bow River.
When will the first show homes be open in Rockland Park? How many will there be?
Show homes are now open! There are 14 show homes, a community discovery center, and a two sales centers.
Are quick possession homes available in Rockland Park?
Inquire with the builder of your choice to discover more about their quick possession home availability.
How can I put a lot on hold in Rockland Park?
Lot holds can be arranged through the builders.