We build communities for life. That means creating connections, experiences and places that will make a real difference to our residents’ lives. We work with our residents and put people first. It’s all about creating a high quality of life that will last a lifetime.

We decided to put this claim to the test. We conducted quality of life research across Canada and the US between 2015 and 2017 plus additional regional liveability surveys in Alberta.

We are happy to report that (compared to the general population) Brookfield Residential residents are more satisfied, prouder and more likely to recommend their community to others. This is great news. We believe in the difference creating a sense of belonging can have on quality of life and it was great to see these survey results that confirm we’re making a difference.

We also chose two partners to help design a study that would develop an objective baseline measurement of the values and activities of residents in our community of Livingston. Mount Royal University and Vivo for Healthier Generations participated in developing the Livingston Legacy Families study, which will follow over 20 resident families for five years to find out how the community’s design and evolution affects their health over time.

The Livingston study has proven that there really is a chance to do things differently and let residents have a voice that is truly heard. We’re excited to roll out similar initiatives in Rockland Park, Seton and more in the coming years.

Brookfield Residential is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents and, by extension, all Calgarians. We’re proud to create vibrant communities knowing they are the best places to call home. We believe people belong together.